Southwest Oklahoma Family Residency Clinic

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The office staff are extremely rude and hateful.The way they talk to people is atrocious and they do it in front of everyone.

They belittled one woman to tears and told her she had to pay cash upfront for full amount before she even saw the doctor. She had never been there before and didnt know what to expect and told her she had to file her own insurance even though this office accepts that insurance. Then they jumped on a guy that was in for an on the job injury and he was told it was up to him to file work comp not them and he will pay the bill in full. He had his human resources personel (he works for a state wide company) on the phone and the HR person was telling them that they signed the contracts to accept their work comp insurance and if he paid anything then work comp would deny the claim.

The office clerk told the guy she didn't care. He could pay the full amount our leave.

He left and went to the emergency room instead.

The office staff especially treat low income people like garbage and it appears that they enjoy what they do because they can be heard making comments and laughing about their actions.

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